Lootbits is a simple game, based on the random principle.

You open a box with the possibility to receive small Bitcoin winnings or other prizes. My current daily earnings, just by opening the boxes, is about $ 7-8.

The prizes you can get:
1. bitcoins
2. new Gems (permission to open a box)
3. XP (to climb to higher levels)
4. badges
5. empty box – no win

Depending on the level, you will receive new gems every 60 minutes, with which you can open new boxes.

To get more gems, you can accept different offers. There are a lot of  different offers.

You can bet on the BTC price. Set CALL or PUT. Wait 5 minutes. If you win, you double your gems.

Another game where you can multiply your gems is Jungle. Play your way through the jungle to the end or just stop when you think you’ve collected enough.

Or try your luck at Lotto and crack the jackpot.

Just get 5 gems a day in a vote. It doesn’t matter how you vote. The 5 gems are yours.

Increase the payouts of your offers. Collect badges. 15 different ones for a 20% raise and 36 different ones for a 40% raise.